Gunsmoke is an American Western television series developed by Charles Marquis Warren and based on the radio program of the same name.

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Matt and an old mountain man face off against angry cattlemen and greedy bounty hunters. An ex-outlaw's attempt to hang up his gun proves difficult George Selk makes first credited appearance as Moss Grimmick. Matt ger with a sheriff Victor French who rules his town with an iron fist Matt helps search for a group of raiders who abducted a rancher's daughter.

When Merry Florene's half-brothers return to Dodge to turn in their year old Uncle Finney for fifty dollars, you know some shenanigans are afoot. It remained at one until and stayed in the top transexual escorts pawtucket usa until A fugitive learns that the man whose identity he is using is being brought in by Matt. A bank robber hopes to recoup seekign losses after losing his money gambling.

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A politically ambitious Indian agent falsely accuses Matt of participating in a murder pxyson on the reservation. Matt must find out why a woman is refusing to identify a stagecoach robber. A woman resents her suitor more than ever when he kills her father in self-defense.

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One of the drifters who killed a man's dog is found dead. The bigoted citizens of Dodge aeeking to hire a drifter just because he has picked up an orphaned Indian boy.

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Doc must choose between delivering a baby or saving the life of a man who committed a murder. A former sheriff plans his revenge on Matt for firing him.

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A widow Seekiing Hackett arrives in Dodge to collect the remains of her husband, who was killed in an Indian massacre. Matt tracks an accused murderer to Texas.

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Doc falls for a woman Jean Arthur who's haunted by her past. Matt turns in his badge after being forced to kill a horse thief who was once his friend first color episode.

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An immigrant must decide whether to pay off a blackmailer who claims to have seen the immigrant's son commit murder. Retrieved January 12, Kioga, a young and wounded Pawnee Indian Teno Pollickcomes to Dodge City to hunt down the fur trader Neville Brand who killed his payaon and attacked his sister.

Cowboys from Texas set out to avenge their murdered friend. A feud ensues when the Dolans' cattle stray onto the Mossmans' land.

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A farmer sends his sons into town to pick up brides. John A. A town drunk who was once an officer of the Army deals with his daughter's upcoming marriage. Chester's uncle Sunday comes to visit, and Chester's plan to shorten that visit does not exactly work out. Matt finds a cabin to shelter himself from a blizzard, only to learn it is occupied by a pair Claude Akins and Harry Dean Stanton of bank robbers Patricia Barry appears.

Matt's prisoner McCabe is targeted by a lynch mob. Also featured are Nehemiah Persoff and Julie Sommars. Having taken a shine to Cyrus while tending to his wounds, Sally tries to persuade seeking her first payson stud not to steal anymore.

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A drifter tries to give his friend a proper burial. Matt must find out why a gunman is stalking a temperance preacher. Gunsmoke was originally a half-hour program filmed in black-and-white. Kitty's old boyfriend Ainslie Pryor sets her up in a bank robbery.

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Matt intervenes when an intese feud between the Renner brothers reaches its breaking point. Sweet Billy Cathcart tries to find a woman for his big brother since family custom dictates that the oldest get married first. Doc performs an emergency surgery on Matt to save the marshal's life.

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virst An ex-convict John Saxon returns home to find the loot he stashed. Matt hunts down the Indians who are killing settlers. Story by : John Meston.

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As of May 5,all episodes of Gunsmoke have been released on DVD, while two other collections contain selected episodes from all 20 seasons. Maedean KY. Meanwhile, Doc is bit by a rattlesnake.