Back to Contents. If you have sold or otherwise transferred all of your Existing A Shares other than pursuant to the Offerplease send this document and the accompanying documents at once to the purchaser or transferee or to the bank, stockbroker, or other agent through whom the sale or transfer lastihg effected for delivery to the purchaser or transferee.

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The Existing B Shares which are harrisburg escort services included in the Offer but are to be transferred to New NWR pursuant to the B Share Transfer Agreement upon the Offer becoming or being declared wholly unconditional are deed to track the performance, and represent the economic value, of the Real Estate Division. Typical capacity seeking a lasting and true czech republic the ovens is 20 tonnes of coal yielding The average price czecy for coke sales during the second calendar quarter of is EUR per tonne, an increase of 19 per cent.

Repubblic addition, the reserve and resources data reflected in this document dated as at 1 January has not been subject to an independent external mining expert review.

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In real escort anal, the Dukla site was transferred to Paskov and is currently being closed down. Part XVI. Coal found in the north-eastern region of the Czech Republic tends to have a much higher heat value than coal found in other parts of the Czech Republic. The global economic downturn, coupled with the global financial and credit market disruptions, had an impact on the coal industry generally.

Morgan plc nor for providing advice in connection with the Offer, Admission, the contents of this document or any matter referred to herein.

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Part III. The following table sets forth the high, low, period average and period end noon exchange rates of CZK for one USD in effect at the end of the periods noted, as reported by the Czech National Bank.

The New A Shares to be issued pursuant to the Offer will be issued credited as fully paid and will rank pari passu in all respects with one another and will be entitled to all dividends and other distributions declared, made or paid by New NWR in respect of New A Shares. Regular mining activities in the northeast region of the Czech Republic commenced in Part XII.

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The Group also remains focused lwsting driving further efficiency gains to partially counter the rising costs. Further, due to rising insurance costs and changes in the insurance markets, insurance coverage may not continue to be available at all or at rates or on terms similar to those presently available.

The New A Shares are, and any dividends or distributions from the dividend reserve allocated to the New A Shares to be declared in respect of them will be, denominated in euro. From toMr. The landlocked location of customers in Central Europe makes importing coal from trur generally more expensive than using locally sourced coal.

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Back to Contents. Any dividends or other distributions in respect of or attributable to the performance or Assets of the Real Estate Division will be attributed solely to the holders of the New B Shares.

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The Existing A Shares which are the subject of the Offer are deed to track the performance, and represent the economic value, of the Mining Division. The New A Shares will be offered in the United States only pursuant to an exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act.

It is expected that the hearing of the UK Court to approve the Reduction of Capital will be held shortly after the Offer has become or been declared wholly unconditional. To take advantage of aa relatively isolated market, the Group markets its coal predominantly to customers in Central Europe. In addition, between andthe Former OKD Group transferred mines that eeeking become inactive together with certain liabilities to Czech state public enterprises.

The resource was identified and preliminary drilling was performed in the s; however, after the czecj of communism, further development was halted. Coke production.

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Approximately 65 per cent. Each of the Directors intends to accept the Offer in respect city girls yonkers escorts all of the Existing A Shares held by such Director, if any. Valid acceptances of the Offer being received and not, where permitted, withdrawn by no later than 3. As a eeeking supplier of coke, the Group is more susceptible to changes in demand as integrated steel suppliers will consolidate production in their own vertically integrated facilities when demand falls.

Morgan Cazenove has taken into the commercial assessments of the Directors.

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Consequently, it is likely that Incall escort roswell NWR will maintain its listing on rdpublic Warsaw Stock Exchange for such time as is required to complete these procedures or until the squeeze-out process is complete. If the Group is not lastlng to continue to retain such key personnel, it may be unable to manage its growth or otherwise compete effectively in the Central European coal industry, which could adversely affect its business.

The Offer is being made subject to United Kingdom disclosure requirements which are different from certain United States disclosure requirements.

Longwall mining is most effective for large blocks of medium to thick coal seams. The Group may be subject to claims for natural resource damage, water pollution, property damage, seekig injury and other damage to the environment as well as for the investigation of and demands for the clean-up of soil, surface water, groundwater, and other media.

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Part XIX. The following further terms apply, unless the context requires llasting, to the Offer. The New A Shares are subject to a ificant degree of risk, including the risks described below.