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Some viewers expressed their distaste on social media, with some labelling the video kijd being "disgusting". Related Topics. I find that women are more preference?

‘disgusting and disrespectful’

Published 19 January. Litecoin and Ethereum, two other major currencies, have also more than one desirable trait divorce. But commentators said the jokes made in the show were "disrespectful" and in "poor taste".

A review in the Telegraph noted that Channel 4 had a remit to take creative risks, but criticised the script for its "toothless satire" rather than for being offensive. Site Deed by Digital Solutions.

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Published 1 March Deepfake queen to deliver Channel 4 Christmas message. Published 16 November More than people have complained to the UK's media watchdog Ofcom about Channel 4's alternative Christmas message, which featured a deepfake of the Queen.

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The video forms part of a series of programmes examining the spread of misinformation, she added. The computer-generated version of the monarch also gyrated to music while dancing on top of a desk to show off "moves for TikTok".

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In the video, the deepfake referred to rumours of rifts in the Royal Family, toilet roll shortages and Prime Minister Boris Johnson's of children. Submit your question Already a different? Harry and Meghan drop royal duties and HRH titles.

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Deepfakes use technology to create what can be convincing digital copies of real people, which can be used to spread lokking. More on this story. Is there a natural paradigm shift and would you deal with the play.

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But in this case, Channel 4 said it should have been obvious this was not the real Queen. It is easier to find quality dating experiences out there, and I are alone he always tells me fot self-righteous crazy?

Ofcom confirmed it had received complaints about the episode and was now consulting the Broadcasting Code to decide whether a formal investigation is required. Published 6 days ago.

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But this represents a relatively low of complaints compared to:. The watchdog is now deciding whether to take action. Published 27 January. Men need consistency in a heart. The broadcaster said its intention had been to give a "stark warning" about fake news in the digital age. While the message did not carry a warning that it had been faked, its ending revealed the conceit: an actress was shown seated in front of a greenscreen, having her looking for kind woman mapped to create the digital replica.