Many of the animals who come to Tri-County Humane Society are happy, healthy and ready to go to a new home. This story features one of those adoptions. This is a submission from a family who has adopted from TCHS multiple times — and most recently found not one but two purr-fect additions.

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naked chats We provide the same protections for these electronic communications that we employ in the maintenance of information received by mail and telephone. Deuce is an year-old Lab mix that was with us for two weeks before being adopted. He loves the sprinkler and giving kisses. Tri-County Humane Society TCHS had a recent adoption success that shows what can happen when the whole community — staff, volunteers, and well-meaning members of the public — come together.

Miss Lucy.

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Thank you for partnering with Tri-County Humane Society, which enables us to do work like this with others. We love how happy she makes her!

A post-mothering instinct perhaps. Website Use Information Similar to other websites, our site may utilize a standard technology called "cookies" see explanation below, "What Are Cookies?

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We have since adopted a rescue dog and inherited a senior cat so now our house is filled with activity. Harley formally Gator was adopted April 16th, She loves the water, the hose is her favorite, and absolutely loves car rides. On Tuesday, May 14, it will be one year since we adopted Buddy Pluto. This is a submission from a family who has adopted from TCHS multiple times — and most recently found not one but two purr-fect additions.

They were right, he had a host of medical concerns including but not limited to fleas, ear mites, broken teeth, looking for a chub or husky buddy sores and swelling on his face. Thank you so much for all personal lesbian classified the good work you do helping the animals find forever homes.

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Cloud she arrived with her friend, Buttercup. You all have a special place in our hearts! Face masks are required as per local and statewide mandate. Clyde, now Phoenix.

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Three years ago, she stopped eating. She fit right in. We bought Alice in hopes she would make a great friend for Thumper.

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Thank you again! I have so much respect and love for this animal. One of the times I went to visit a volunteer had just given him a bath and was attempting to comb out dozens of cockoburs that were stuck in his long, beautiful fur.

Finding animals homes, especially around the holidays, is incredibly rewarding in itself — but to be recognized for the work we're doing by a fellow animal welfare partner is such a wonderful gift. We worked with dog trainers and every morning before we opened she visited new part of the shelter and met different people. We canberra adult escorts leave her kennel door and the office door wide open and she'd just stay in her kennel and observe with those bright brown eyes of fot.

Audio, now Otto.

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Sassy Lucy would have no part of making friends with us when she got here. Ivie went from kennel kooky to a total cutie in her new home! Zeus came to us last year in August because his escort ags were unable to manage his epilepsy. This story is about looking for a chub or husky buddy former Penny who turned out to be very lucky.

The highlight of his days was wet food and time spent with Laura, our Animal Care manager, while he was in foster care with her. We came in a few days ago and she had a deposit on her already and came back Saturday to find out she no longer did. Donation Refund Policy We are grateful for your donation and support of our organization.

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Nothing about Comet's current status fazed his future family—they just wanted to bring him home and give him the best possible life he could get. Our Impact in Animals Fostered. One of the staff came out and said they had some bad news.

She was in rough shape; dehydrated, underweight and had a serious injury to her eye. In all, Zeus was with us for 17 days before hitting chuh jackpot with his new family.

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JPG construction bear sitting on ladder. She was adopted and then returned because she was experiencing some gastrointestinal upset including loose stools and vomiting.

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Cindy now Lulu. His person sent us these photos. These monkeys made a bunch of wacky noises and helped Monkey learn how to play which is why she was named Monkey.