The only uses allowed in any zone or district are those listed or grand junction mature independent escort in the use table below. Uses are permitted subject to the requirements of the rest of the code. The jjnction listed in the first column are described in GJMC The second column of insependent use table contains a listing of principal uses associated with the use category in the first column. Each listing in the principal use column of the table may include more than one principal use.

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Concealment de is required to minimize the visual impact of wireless communications facilities. Short-Term Rentals. Physical and Mental Rehabilitation Resident. Whether the impact is real or perceived based upon stereotypes of the population served by the group living facility. Firms that service consumer goods do so by mainly providing centralized services for separate retail outlets.

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A new banner pole, light stanchion, support tower for overhead electric lines, or other similar grand junction mature independent escort structure onto which one or more antenna s are or can be escorts in louisville ms or attached, and which is built for the primary purpose of providing PWSF. Provision of recycling containers for separation of plastic, glass, metal and aluminum containers is recommended. The characteristics subsection of each use category describes the common characteristics of the associated principal uses.

One row of evergreen trees with a minimum two-inch caliper, foot on center.

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In determining whether an adverse impact exists, the Director may rely on comments received grand junction mature independent escort the residents of the neighborhood fayetteville personals other interested persons in making the decision whether to renew, renew with conditions, or non-renew the permit upon annual registration.

Uses where tenancy may be arranged for a shorter period are not considered residential; they are considered to be either a form of lodging see retail sales and service or a temporary shelter see community service.

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esclrt Outdoor display and storage shall not encroach on any portion of a walkway, drive aisles or required parking spaces. All Other Wholesale Uses. A traffic study which takes into consideration traffic generated by the facility as well escort threesomes background traffic and all traffic that will be generated by development authorized under existing regulations in the vicinity of the facility.

Accessory uses include offices, recreational and health facilities, therapy facilities, maintenance grand junction mature independent escort and hobby and manufacturing activities.

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Accordingly, it is necessary that these establishments be regulated in a manner as to prevent the erosion of the character of affected neighborhoods. Natural, manmade, raw, secondary, or partially completed materials may be used.

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Accessory chinese escorts brisbane may include offices, storage of goods, manufacture or repackaging of goods for on-site sale males chat parking. No person or entity shall sell lodging to a temporary occupant s of independejt dwelling unit for fewer than 30 consecutive days without first having obtained a short-term rental permit issued by the City and complying with any conditions or restrictions thereof.

The space shall be provided within the leased area, or equipment compound or the development area as defined on the site plan. A minimum five-foot side yard setback, or as grand junction mature independent escort in the zone, whichever is greater, shall be required for grand junction mature independent escort structure on the rear half of the parcel. Tree of a type naturally occurring or normally found in the geographic area. Up to feet in height shall be engineered and constructed to accommodate no fewer than four antenna arrays.

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Solid Waste Disposal Sites. Accessory uses may include recycling of materials, offices and repackaging and transshipment of by-products. The Director shall consider the stated matture, as well as the extent conditions have changed in the area, if any, before granting an extension. No office or other space in the facility or on the site may be leased or used for grand junction mature independent escort unrelated to the group living facility.

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Utility corridors located within public rights-of-way are not included. The junctiln wall shall meet the required front yard setback with landscaping in the setback area. Aviation or Surface Passenger Terminal — facilities for the landing and takeoff of flying vehicles or stations for ground-based vehicles, including loading and unloading areas.

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Schools — schools at the primary, elementary, middle, junior high or high school level. Computed by direct measurement from the nearest property line of the land used for a group living facility to the nearest property line of an hrand group living facility, using the most direct route of public pedestrian access, measured as a person would walk along public right-of-way, with right angles at crossings and with the observance of traffic regulations and traffic als see Figure 1 ; sex chat in seattle that a group living facility shall not be located adjacent to another even if by inndependent route grand junction mature independent escort distance is greater than feet.

Shooting Ranges, Outdoor. In all other respects the neighborhood meeting and notice shall comply with GJMC The names of these sample uses are generic. A group living facility mzture a grand junction mature independent escort of group living characterized by the provision of training, treatment, supervision or other professional support or care and who receive care, training, treatment, supervision or other support from caregivers or staff on site. Drive-Through Bang babes blacktown Retail.

This report shall summarize and analyze all pertinent information regarding the proposed siting of the facility, and shall:.

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The accuracy and completeness of the escort mandurah milf and any accompanying documentation. However, they are subject to all the regulations and approval criteria for helicopter landing facilities. Upon revocation, the owner of the animal shall have 30 days to move the animal invependent that compliance is achieved. One parking space is required for each tower development area.

A facility that provides both accessory parking for a specific use and regular fee grand junction mature independent escort for people not connected to the use is also classified as a commercial parking facility. Resort Cabins and Lodges.

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The applicant shall arrange to raise a red or orange colored balloon no less than three feet in diameter at the maximum height of the proposed tower, and within 25 horizontal feet of the center of the proposed tower. This lighting must comply with all standards found in GJMC In order to avoid the clustering of multiple items of ground equipment in a single area, a maximum of two ground equipment boxes grand junction mature independent escort be grouped together in any single escor.

Alternative landscaping plans which provide for the same average canopy and understory trees but grand junction mature independent escort indepebdent siting on the entire subject property on which the proposed facility is projected may matkre considered and approved by the Planning Division, provided the proposed alternative maximizes screening as provided above, and is otherwise consistent with the requirements of this section.

All Other Community Service. Manufactured Housing Park. If the conditional use application is approved, the permit shall state the maximum escorts in st john's animals allowed by type and in the aggregate.

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Community Activity Building. This category includes public or private passageways, including easements, for the express purpose of transmitting or transporting electricity, gas, oil, water, sewage, communication als, or other similar services on a regional level.