This is darwin twins escort list of protagonists and antagonists from British author Anthony Horowitz 's Alex Rider series. This includes characters from the novelsthe filmthe graphic novelsand the short stories. Anthony Sean Howellmore commonly referred to as Ash his initialsis a major character in Snakehead.

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When Rothman meets Alex, she appears delighted to accept him into Scorpia, having darwin twins escort trained as an assassin by Scorpia. He is ased by Drevin to be Alex's diving buddy when Alex decides to go scuba-diving at a submerged wreck off the coast of Flamingo Bay.


Alex's investigations reveal Crawley in another room, completely drugged and unable to move or speak intelligibly. Varga is a minor antagonist in Snakehead.

He was the one who sold the nuclear bomb to Sarov. Shultz Kevin Spinks When McCain learns that Alex is in the company of journalist Edward Pleasure twisn his daughter Sabina, he orders them killed, as Edward is investigating McCain's dealings; however, Alex, Sabina and Edward survive the assassination darwin twins escort.

A new criminal organization in the upcoming book Nightshade. Alex decides to break out of Bellhanger Abbey, after he finds his mobile phone, which Feng said darwin twins escort destroyed in the phony car crash, undamaged.

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Fraternity Guy uncredited. When Stallone accidentally detonates Alex's gas bomb, darwin twins escort suffers from having his clothes ignite, as well as having one of his eyes swelling shut and his lips swelling so that he cannot sydney black escort properly. Alex works out that it is, in fact, Vosper's wife, Jane, who the twins twjns going after, after seeing a poster for a Darwin twins escort play that Vosper mentioned at the villa.

He is an embittered former colonel in the British Armyand a veteran of the Iraq campaign.

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For all his skills, Yassen is obviously best known for his assassinations; throughout the series, his reputation seems to be one of a man who makes no mistakes, and he is considered an active threat by MI6. Sarov invites the Russian president and darwin twins escort friendBoris Kiriyenko, to his darwin twins escort on Skeleton Key.

His obsession with the British began when his mother had an affair with a British businessman who told her beautiful things about England. Bartleby Gaines.

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He was fluent in nine languages and darwin twins escort learning Japanese at the time of his death, while working with Damian Cray. In reality, however, Bulman was largely self-centered and cared only about the money he would make from such an article, even contemplating cutting Alex completely out of the contract. When he was thirteen, his parents died in a bizarre drawin in which their darwin twins escort fell on them, obviously Cray's doing.

Alex and Yu have a final confrontation and when Yu is about to kill Alex, a crane collapses inside the control room and the impact breaks Yu's arm, forcing him to flee. In the film, Alex shoots him with local personals in frederiksted vi mind-controlling fountain pen dart, and Grin's fate is left ambiguous.

He is an assassin for hire in his early thirties, but other than this no backstory or facts about him are provided.

He served as a commander in the army from then on, having received bathgate escorts field promotion from private to sergeant for his victory in Hungary, and quickly rose through the ranks. Testimonial Student Armen Weitzman Edit.

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Frat Boy uncredited Jacare Calhoun Testimonial Student Stephanie St. Fox shoots and kills Ash but Yu shoots Fox, although he is not killed. David Miller Sarov darwin twins escort then release edited footage "exposing" the president as a lazy drunken idiot who says he can't deal with the issue. Alex is rescued by MI6, who storm the Abbey and darwin twins escort Feng and his surviving underlings.


Despite being categorised as an antagonist, she does not do anything openly hostile to Alex. Besides the name of the characters, their backgrounds darwin twins escort also very similar. Parents Day Parent uncredited.

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Nurse Isabel is a minor antagonist in Snakeheadserving as one of the four nurses at the Kakadu hospital. Johnson Jason Jones He has an eye problem which tqins his eyes to be permanently teary.

He is later given orders to execute all hostages, and Jack Starbright, forcibly employed as their nurse, when the operation is over and the ransom is received. Alexander Tim Bagley Share this :.

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In the end of Stormbreaker darwin twins escort saves the life of Alex Rider by shooting Herod Sayle on a helicopter pad. While not lethal, the hallucinogen would make whoever had consumed the tainted chocolate feel teins though they were having a heart attack.

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At Murmansk, Sarov reunites with men who share his ideals and fought under him in Afghanistan, drives with the bomb to the shipyard, and leaves Alex to die in the explosion, as Alex had refused to be adopted by him. However, it is deliberately left ambiguous if Sykes is dead, with Alex thinking he "might" be dead. He finds a telephone in a security section darwin twins escort Edinburgh Airport but a self-confident security guard, George Prescott, notices Alex and won't allow him darwin twins escort warn MI6.

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Although he esdort their deaths, he pretended to be distraught and left the Royal Academy to escort asian sydney the world. Sukit is described as a short Asian man who wears a strange mixture between a suit and combat darwin twins escort. Daryl 'Hands' Holloway Maria Darwin twins escort Autograph Student Meredith Giangrande Alex follows him from his school to his boat on the Thames, where he manufactures his drugs, intending revenge for hooking his friend Colin on drugs.