What is AERO in Windows 7 ?

According to Microsoft’s own literature, Windows Aero is a “theme” for Windows. In reality, it is much more than that. Windows Aero is a type of user interface, and although it looks similar to the older interface in many ways, it is actually quite different.

he first thing many users notice about Windows Aero is that it looks better than the older Windows style. This difference in appearance is indicative of the new interface’s use of GPU power, rather than CPU power, to render the interface. Using the GPU makes it easier to enable special effects in the interface, and these effects are used to enable new functionality. Although you may not realize it at first, Windows Aero has numerous useful features that make it easier to use Windows 7.

Aero should be on by default, but if Windows 7 does not have Aero active you’ll need to take the following steps.

  • Right-click on your Desktop and then click Personalization.
  • This will open a window that is dominated by a selection of themes.
  • The Windows Aero themes will be at the top. When you pick a theme your computer will instantly change to that theme.
  • That’s it! If you for some reason don’t like Windows Aero you can switch back to Windows Basic (the old style) in this same window. Also, remember that Windows 7 Starter can’t use Personalization options, so you won’t be able to use Windows 7 Aero.
  • This theme, however, works only with activated windows. So make sure that you have activated windows 7 product key or pre-installed activated windows 7.

One feature added is Aero Peek. This was touched on briefly in the taskbar chapter. On your taskbar, you will find a blank rectangle on the right. Hovering your cursor over this will cause all of the windows you have open to become transparent – this is the Aero Peek feature.

The Aero Peek feature can also be accessed through open programs on your taskbar. Hover or click on the program’s icon in order to open the thumbnail view. Then hover over a thumbnail to activate Aero Peek.

That’s nothing, however, compared to Aero Snap. This new feature is activated by dragging a window to either side of your monitor and holding it there for a second. The window’s size will be automatically adjusted so that it takes up the left half of the screen. If you drag the second window to the right side of your monitor it will be automatically sized to take up the right hand of the screen. This is immensely useful when you need to compare the contents of two windows. Aero Snap will also automatically maximize a window if you drag it to the top of the display.

How to Install Windows 10 ?

There are two approaches you can take for installing Windows 10 in your computer: Upgrade or a Clean Install.

Typically, when you upgrade your operating system, all your documents and applications remain unchanged, whereas with a clean install you would be starting again from scratch. But one important thing to verify first is if your computer has the necessary hardware to support Windows 10. However, Make sure that you have working Windows 10 Product keys, so that you can activate windows while installation.

System Requirements:

Although most computers nowadays probably have the necessary requirements for Windows 10. It will certainly be useful to know them in case you want to upgrade from an older system.

The main requirements are −

  • A processor (CPU) with a clock rate of at least 1GHz.
  • At least 1 to 2GB of memory (RAM), but Microsoft recommends 4GB.
  • At least 16GB space in your hard disk.
  • One important thing to note is that the installation process itself will verify your computer hardware and let you know if it qualifies for a Windows 10 upgrade or not. If not, then you will need to upgrade your hardware.


If your computer qualifies for a Windows 10 upgrade, then you can follow these steps to perform the upgrade −

Step 1 − Look for the Windows 10 notification in the lower-right corner of the screen. This is a one-year-only offer that Microsoft is extending to valid users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Step 2 − By clicking on the notification, it will start the download and installation process of Windows 10 in your system.

Download and Installation

The download required for the upgrade is quite large, so make sure you have a stable Internet connection and continuous power for your computer to avoid interruptions during the process.

Step 3 − After the download is complete, it will prompt you to accept Microsoft’s license terms.

Step 4 − After agreeing to the terms, it will ask if you want to install the upgrade at that moment or schedule it for later.

Start Upgrade Now

Since the upgrade process can take approximately 2 hours, it will be helpful to schedule it for a time, that will be more suitable to you.

Step 5 − Once the upgrade starts, the system will perform a series of tasks, during which you will see the following screen.

Perform a Series of Tasks

During this time, your computer will reboot a couple of times, so don’t worry. The process itself will take you through the steps to complete the upgrade.

Step 6 − As the upgrade approaches its end, it will ask you to configure some basic Windows settings. You can choose to use Express settings, which will apply the most common or recommended settings, or you can choose to customize the settings as you please.

Express Settings

Step 7 − After the upgrade finishes, you’ll see the Windows welcome screen.

Clean Install

If your computer has an older operating system like Windows XP or Vista, you won’t be able to upgrade for free. In these cases, you’ll need to buy a boxed copy of Windows 10 to have a valid license for the installation. Windows 10 will have a starting price of $119.

But take in consideration that old computers that have either xp or vista installed might have obsolete hardware components and might not be suitable for Windows 10. In this case, make sure you review the system requirements listed at the beginning of this chapter to check if your computer is qualified for a Windows 10 upgrade.

If you choose this type of an installation, just insert the disc in your computer and turn it on. Most computers will ask you to press a specific key to boot from the CD/DVD, but most systems use the F12 key. After accessing the disc, you just have to follow the steps which are very similar to the ones from the upgrade.

How to record game play in Android phone ?

We all love gaming. It is one of the most important way to entertain ourselves by providing us the virtual way to interact with the virtual world. Gaming has been in the world from a very long time and since ages. First games were played on consoles, then dominating the PC and now the Smartphone’s. Gaming is dominating everyone from children to the elders and to the old age with the same passion. With the help of gaming everyone enjoys their life and helps you to release stress.

How to record gameplay videos on android

Sometimes people will like to record their gameplay and keep it to watch in future or to upload them on video sites. Here are some best game recording software or apps which you can use to record games.

VR video recorder

VR mode is the best recording app on google play store. It not only lets you to play games but it also helps you to record game along with the game sounds. You can create the videos and record the game along with the sound and you can also upload it on the video sites.

Playcast game screen recorder

This is another app which records gameplay on android along with the sound in full resolution. This app also lets you to upload your game video directly onto the video sites like YouTube.  So through this app you not only play game but you also upload the game video directly without extracting it anywhere else.

GameDuck – share, play, record

With gameduck you not only record the gameplay but you can also share it on the gameduck network to get reactions and responses from people. You not only record the game but you also can record your face while playing the game. If you want to connect your viewers with you then recording game along with your face will be a better idea.

Game Recorder+

This app will let you to record gameplay and also optimize the game on your android device to provide the best gameplay experience. You can record the game as well record your face while playing the game along with the sounds. There is a button to optimize game that lets you to start playing the game.


Mobizen is another a great screen recorder application for android. It can let you to record gameplay using any game you are playing. The games are recorded with full HD quality that lets you to upload it on video sharing websites.

Geometry Dash 2.0 Free Download

Geometry Dash is a game that was introduced to the gamers of the world in 2013. Created by Robert Topala under his RobTop Games brand, the game is supported on Android, iOS, OS X and Windows. One of the features that make it an exceptional game is the background music that excels with its rhythm. Would you want to know more about Geometry Dash 2.0 Free Download? The following paragraphs should give you a detailed information on Geometry Dash 2.0 download.

Geometry Dash Online – What exactly is it?

Geometry Dash Online has been one of the prominent games and has been quite popular in the world of simple gaming. It has been, in fact, one of the games that have taken the gaming world by storm.

Geometry Dash 2.0 Free Download

One of the excellent features of the game is its background music. Each level has its own background music. The rhythm of the music changes depending upon your progress in each level. Though the game was initially launched in 2013 for the smartphones, the popularity of the game made the developers launch it for other platforms as well. If you are looking for the best Geometry Dash Download options, we will guide you through the steps in the following paragraphs.

Geometry Dash 2.0 Free Download – The Game Play

Well, the game play is quite simple. You need to control your vehicle against the hostile environment that is filled with obstacles and reach the end in each level. The Geometry Dash Music is what should attract you the most.

None of the levels are locked just unlike the case of other Geometry dash alternatives. You can jump from one level to another even without completing the previous levels. Geometry Dash 2.0 is indeed a great online game you can enjoy on the go. It comes with a great deal of replay value besides being addictive. You will not be able to control the speed of the vehicle but can only jump so that you can save your self from being hit by an obstacle and get killed.

The Controls

Well, as we stated before, you can jump and move ahead to save yourself from failing in a level. However, once you fail, you will not be able to resume your level. Starting again from the scratch is the only option. That probably makes it even more interesting and challenging to play Geometry Dash Online.

The controls are quite simpler once you master them. If you are playing on a touch enabled device or a touch screen phone, you can swipe across the screen to keep yourself afloat in the level. On a computer or non touch laptop device, you can use the SPACEBAR to jump.

There is more than just completing the levels. You will also collect secret coins during your game play. Geometry Dash Levels get more challenging and interesting as you proceed in the game.If you are looking to watch live tv channels you can get USTVNow in your phone.

The Best Features that Make Geometry Dash 2.0 Online a game you admire

It is not without anything that the Geometry Dash 2.0 Online has got this much popular. Some of the features that have made it a well known and in demand game are –

  • The rhythm based game offers you an action based gaming performance.
  • It offers you an exciting and challenging gaming experience.
  • The levels tend to become tougher as proceed further in the game. This enhances the challenge and makes the game more exciting.
  • You can use the practice game to get yourself familiar with the controls and game play before playing the actual levels.
  • Geometry dash Online lets you create your own levels.
  • As we have been repeatedly stating, the rhythm based music is what makes it a great choice. The music soothes you as you move ahead in the game – thus improving your chances of winning the levels.
  • You will get access to several achievements and awards which act as a booster for your performance.
  • The graphics and the interface are excellent and compete with contemporary games.

Geometry Dash 2.0 Free Download – How To Download?

Downloading the APK file is the best way to download the Geometry Dash 2.0 game on your Android. The game is available on Google Play Store and other alternative app stores. Follow the steps here below to get it on your phone. These kinds of paid apps can be downloaded from DroidBull site as well .

  • Downlaod the Geometry Dash 2.0 APK on your phone.
  • Make sure you have enabled the app installation from third party sources. If you have not done it already, you can head on to your Settings app and look for the option to toggle Unknown Sources either under Security or Applications sub menu.
  • Tap on the APK file you have downloaded. The file should now be installed with ease.

You can find the Geometry Dash 2.0 Free Download links over the internet. You may also download it from Google Play Store.

The Concluding Thoughts

Geometry Dash 2.0 is one of the best Android action games you will find. The game is available both for Android and other platforms we mentioned above. Other than the platform specific versions of the game, you can also enjoy Geometry Dash Onlineon your browser in the form of a browser based game.

The game has grown popular in a shorter period of time and even has its own Wikipedia page. Whichever platform you are on, you can enjoy the Geometry Dash Online and play it to your heart’s content. If you have played it either on your phone or browser, we would egg on you to share your experience with the game with us through the comments here below.

Geometry Dash 2.1 APK – Download the Latest Version

Android has several games that tend to be addictive in the real sense of the word. Geometry Dash is one such game that has gone popular. Though the game appears to be easy, it is not that simple to play. We present the steps involved to download Geometry Dash 2.1 apk in this article so that you can begin playing geometry dash full version.

What is Geometry Dash 2.1 APK

This is the simple game with one touch that has a lot of levels. You will be continuing to keep playing for hours together.

It is a continuous play game that involves jumping over obstacles. Geometry Dash Android needs you complete all the levels in one try and reach your destination. If you fail, you need to start all over again. All your progress will be lost. That is precisely what makes it a great game.

If you want to experience it, don’t wait anymore – opt for Geometry Dash 2.1 APK. You can either install directly from Google Play Store or choose to install it manually. We will guide you on how to play Geometry Dash on your Android. But before we venture into it, let us check out the features of the game.

Geometry Dash Online – Salient features

The game is quite simple to follow but tough to play. The rhythm based gaming makes it a perfect choice for time pass. Here are the features that make Geometry Dash 2.1 APK a great choice –

  • It is absolutely free to play. There isn’t even any need for internet connectivity.
  • Simple and addictive gameplay is what makes it a great game for your phone.
  • It features a practice mode that would help you get used to the levels before actually trying it.
  • Soundtracks and levels are what make the game aggressive.
  • A Huge number of levels
  • Geometry Dash 2.1 lets you build your own levels and play them.
  • No In-app purchase involved.
  • Good deal of awards and achievements
  • There are several options like fly rockets, flip gravity and other options

Now that you are aware of how does the Geometry Dash 2.1 APK for Android, let us check it out how to install Geometry Dash on your device.

How to install Geometry Dash 2.1 APK on your Android device

The Geometry Dash 2.1 for Android is available on Google Play Store. However, please note that it is a Lite version of the game available on Play Store. Head over to Google Play Store on your device and enjoy the game.

However, if you want to install it on your Android device manually, follow the steps here below –

  • Download the Geometry Dash 2.1 APK on your smartphone. Download links have been provided at the end of this post.
  • Enable installation of apps from third party sources on your phone, if you have not done it already. To do this,
    • Go to <i<>Settings app on your phone
    • Go to Security and toggle to enable <i..
    • Now, go into the folder that you have saved the APK file in and tap on it to install it.

    The game should be installed with ease.

That is how you can install Geometry Dash 2.1 APK on your phone.

Check out the download links here.

The Final Thoughts

That is all we have about Geometry Dash 2.1 APK on your Android device. We have made it easy for you to install the app on your Android smartphone with ease. If you are facing any issues with respect to the functionality of the app, do let us know the issues you have been facing. We will attempt to come up with the solutions.

If you have already installed the game on your device – whether following our guidelines or any other suggestions, we would welcome you to share your views with respect to the game and its functionality with us. If you have not yet installed the game – do follow the above tips and install the game on your Android device. You will definitely like the game.

If you liked this article, do let your friends know about this piece of information on Geometry Dash 2.1 APK to your friends and let them install the app on their phone as well.

Geometry Dash Online free – Download Today!

Smartphones have become more and more popular and it has been influencing game developers creating more and more efficient games for gaming lovers. Apart from the host of high-end game lovers, there are several new games that have been making inroads into our lives. Geometry Dash Online Free is one such game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Coming from the Sweden based RobTop Games, the game is developed by Robert Topala. The geometry dash free online game has its versions available both for Android and iOS. Presented here below is more information on the new game of the block that has gone quite popular in a shorter time.

Geometry Dash Online – A Great game for the enthusiasts

By checking out the name, some of you may have jumped to the conclusion that the game is meant to be a maths based one. Well, not exactly. It is a rhythm based platform game.

The Game Geometry dash Online was initially launched for the mobile devices. Later on, it was made available for other devices as well. Now, you can play it on your web browser straight away – no downloads required! If you love the game, you can have access to Geometry Dash Full version free. We will explain how in the following paragraphs.It is possible with the help of uktvnow for PC which gives you a live TV watching experience by just one click.

Geometry Dash online

How To Play Geometry Dash Online?

Geometry Dash Play involves reaching the end of the level by controlling the vehicle to avoid obstacles. Just as simple as that. However, playing the game is not that easy as explaining how to play it.

You have vehicle looking like a square and need to control it through a hostile environment filled with a hostile environment. You do not have any control over the speed of the vehicle but can only jump off to save yourself from being killed. You can control the different vehicles by using tap or click actions depending upon the device you are playing the game on. If you are on a touch enabled device, you can tap to move through the obstacles. If on a PC or a Laptop, use the SPACEBAR to Jump.

If you are on a mobile, you do not need to do anything else than swiping your fingers across the screen. Keep swiping to make the square jump over the obstacles and fly higher to complete the level. And yes, the obstacles get more complicated as the game progresses through the levels.

There is a catch. If you fail in the game, you cannot resume from a particular level, unlike other games in the genre a la Mario games. You will need to start all over again. That is precisely what makes it even more challenging. As you move around the game area avoiding the obstacles, you can collect secret coins scattered around the secret locations. As you keep playing, you will really fall in love with geometry dash levels.

Salient Features of geometry Dash Online

Some of the features you would love on geometry Dash Online would be –

  • Levels with varying degree of difficulty. The initial levels are a little easier, while they get tougher as you move up levels.
  • The controls of the game are quite easy to follow. Easy controls like tapping if you are on phone or the Spacebar on PC would make it simpler to play the game.
  • The rhythmic music has the great soothing effect on your game play. In fact, the game scores more accolades for the music that it provides you.
  • The the game offers you a practice mode so that you can practice the moves before actually playing the game.
  • You can create your own levels with ease.

Before we move on, let us check out the simple controls that you can play the game with –

                          Jump – Up Arrow/ Spacebar
                          Multiple Jump – Hold down on UP arrow/ Spacebar
                          Steering Up – Down Arrow
                          Steering Down – Up Arrow

Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Online – How do they differ?

Geometry Dash was originally launched as a mobile game. It was made available for Android and iOS devices. Later on, the game was ported for the PC users as well. The PC Verison of the game was renamed as Geometry Dash Online.

It can be listed among the best action games. The Geometry Dash Online version can be played on any of your favourite browsers with ease. We played it on Chrome and found it offers the best performance. If you want to download it on your Android, you can check our tutorials on how to download Geometry Dash 2.1 APK.

This video should give you a perfect idea about the addictive nature of the game.

The Final Thoughts

Geometry Dash has its own set of advantages. The popularity is evident from the fact that the game has its own Wikipedia page. If you have played the game before on your phone or online, do share your opinions with us. Just give it a try once and we are sure you will fall in love with the rhythm of the music and the addictive gameplay.