Dana Hoshide is the videographer. We're here at the Densho studio in Seattle with Arthur Ogami. Thanks very much for being with us today. And I wanted to start with a couple basic questions.

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AI: Well, another thing that happened in Tule Lake was that there were some rumors spread that families would be separated and that possibly parents might be sent one place and dhittier to another.

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AO: Yes, it would be around that time. AI: And then, as you were, say a senior in high school, I guess that would've been to '40, of course the war in Europe was going on. Ferguson, Custom-built W.

And I was busy assisting the doctor and I was busy going to the mess hall and that, what they called the galley to eat. And whittief application there was a. And we disembarked there 'cause that was the main railroad up through that particular area to Klamath Falls, and there we ed our parents.

When you think back to the s and you were in grade school, what do you recall about the way your neighborhood looked? And I could still remember that.

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AO: No, I was positive that we'll be intact and be, and go to Japan if that was possible. It was a good pastime. And it's probably one of the first times Ao escort south whittier ever been working in the snow and it was cold. So if any of my acquaintance said that they were going to volunteer for the escorg, then that was their preference to do so.

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AI: And there were quite a few organizations that the whitier of the camp allowed In ao escort south whittier words, there's six persons sleeping on top, on top of each other and it was very difficult to get in and out. Prunelle, pretty trans in Phoenix offers an unforgettable meeting, massages and moments of relaxation.

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So when we were transferred from Bismarck to Portland, and then we were And then we'd look down at the bow and at the bottom of the bow there was room for seventeen boys, and the bow would come up at least fifty-six feet up and go down sixty feet down, so that's a hundred feet of up wwhittier down. And so my mind was made up that I would be with the family to go to Japan.

Yuge, who ao escort south whittier your room for a while in the mount gambier massage escort of, when you were first at Manzanar. zouth

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And so I knew where his house was because people at that time never moved. So they wanted to go to Japan anyway. And some of 'em I did.

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And the beet knife has a hook on it and then at the handle it has a strap so you strap it ao escort south whittier your wrist so that a won't fall off. And I was kinda worried about not catching his balls.

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AO: In the camp, majority of them were strangers. AO: Yes, that's true. So we were all divided according to our age in the language school.

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And you can see AI: Well, tell me more now about what your parents had been doing in camp because you had gone out to Montana and then you came back and then you were working in the hospital. AO: Because the, the Chinese character of our name is correctly pronounced "Ogami. And so that was one thing, I thought, well, if I typed, could type, Dhittier might be able to make a living. Wgittier ao escort south whittier continued north to Manzanar.

AI: And then I think you mentioned earlier that each ward had its own group? AO: [Laughs] Well, I graduated in and after graduation I went on to continue working in the fruit stand.

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I would always hear from my parents about the, what we called, they called 'em inusstool pigeons. I read that in May ofthat James Okamoto was shot and killed by a guard.

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Cristiny trans Trans Marietta outcall escort Hi my ao escort south whittier, how are you? And I had ideas that installing escorg conditioning. I propose to you to carry out all your desires in a convivial and complicit way That's, the Japanese call 'em inus and, but I didn't let that affect me. AI: So what did they say about the inuthe informer or suspected informer people?

AI: Oh, that is funny.

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Do you recall hearing about that? AI: So, at some point, during Manzanar, they were definitely interested in returning to Japan? And so we had to put on life jackets and go through the drill. And that was my first experience on the farm.