Geometry Dash 2.1 APK – Download the Latest Version

Android has several games that tend to be addictive in the real sense of the word. Geometry Dash is one such game that has gone popular. Though the game appears to be easy, it is not that simple to play. We present the steps involved to download Geometry Dash 2.1 apk in this article so that you can begin playing geometry dash full version.

What is Geometry Dash 2.1 APK

This is the simple game with one touch that has a lot of levels. You will be continuing to keep playing for hours together.

It is a continuous play game that involves jumping over obstacles. Geometry Dash Android needs you complete all the levels in one try and reach your destination. If you fail, you need to start all over again. All your progress will be lost. That is precisely what makes it a great game.

If you want to experience it, don’t wait anymore – opt for Geometry Dash 2.1 APK. You can either install directly from Google Play Store or choose to install it manually. We will guide you on how to play Geometry Dash on your Android. But before we venture into it, let us check out the features of the game.

Geometry Dash Online – Salient features

The game is quite simple to follow but tough to play. The rhythm based gaming makes it a perfect choice for time pass. Here are the features that make Geometry Dash 2.1 APK a great choice –

  • It is absolutely free to play. There isn’t even any need for internet connectivity.
  • Simple and addictive gameplay is what makes it a great game for your phone.
  • It features a practice mode that would help you get used to the levels before actually trying it.
  • Soundtracks and levels are what make the game aggressive.
  • A Huge number of levels
  • Geometry Dash 2.1 lets you build your own levels and play them.
  • No In-app purchase involved.
  • Good deal of awards and achievements
  • There are several options like fly rockets, flip gravity and other options

Now that you are aware of how does the Geometry Dash 2.1 APK for Android, let us check it out how to install Geometry Dash on your device.

How to install Geometry Dash 2.1 APK on your Android device

The Geometry Dash 2.1 for Android is available on Google Play Store. However, please note that it is a Lite version of the game available on Play Store. Head over to Google Play Store on your device and enjoy the game.

However, if you want to install it on your Android device manually, follow the steps here below –

  • Download the Geometry Dash 2.1 APK on your smartphone. Download links have been provided at the end of this post.
  • Enable installation of apps from third party sources on your phone, if you have not done it already. To do this,
    • Go to <i<>Settings app on your phone
    • Go to Security and toggle to enable <i..
    • Now, go into the folder that you have saved the APK file in and tap on it to install it.

    The game should be installed with ease.

That is how you can install Geometry Dash 2.1 APK on your phone.

Check out the download links here.

The Final Thoughts

That is all we have about Geometry Dash 2.1 APK on your Android device. We have made it easy for you to install the app on your Android smartphone with ease. If you are facing any issues with respect to the functionality of the app, do let us know the issues you have been facing. We will attempt to come up with the solutions.

If you have already installed the game on your device – whether following our guidelines or any other suggestions, we would welcome you to share your views with respect to the game and its functionality with us. If you have not yet installed the game – do follow the above tips and install the game on your Android device. You will definitely like the game.

If you liked this article, do let your friends know about this piece of information on Geometry Dash 2.1 APK to your friends and let them install the app on their phone as well.