Geometry Dash Online free – Download Today!

Smartphones have become more and more popular and it has been influencing game developers creating more and more efficient games for gaming lovers. Apart from the host of high-end game lovers, there are several new games that have been making inroads into our lives. Geometry Dash Online Free is one such game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Coming from the Sweden based RobTop Games, the game is developed by Robert Topala. The geometry dash free online game has its versions available both for Android and iOS. Presented here below is more information on the new game of the block that has gone quite popular in a shorter time.

Geometry Dash Online – A Great game for the enthusiasts

By checking out the name, some of you may have jumped to the conclusion that the game is meant to be a maths based one. Well, not exactly. It is a rhythm based platform game.

The Game Geometry dash Online was initially launched for the mobile devices. Later on, it was made available for other devices as well. Now, you can play it on your web browser straight away – no downloads required! If you love the game, you can have access to Geometry Dash Full version free. We will explain how in the following paragraphs.It is possible with the help of uktvnow for PC which gives you a live TV watching experience by just one click.

Geometry Dash online

How To Play Geometry Dash Online?

Geometry Dash Play involves reaching the end of the level by controlling the vehicle to avoid obstacles. Just as simple as that. However, playing the game is not that easy as explaining how to play it.

You have vehicle looking like a square and need to control it through a hostile environment filled with a hostile environment. You do not have any control over the speed of the vehicle but can only jump off to save yourself from being killed. You can control the different vehicles by using tap or click actions depending upon the device you are playing the game on. If you are on a touch enabled device, you can tap to move through the obstacles. If on a PC or a Laptop, use the SPACEBAR to Jump.

If you are on a mobile, you do not need to do anything else than swiping your fingers across the screen. Keep swiping to make the square jump over the obstacles and fly higher to complete the level. And yes, the obstacles get more complicated as the game progresses through the levels.

There is a catch. If you fail in the game, you cannot resume from a particular level, unlike other games in the genre a la Mario games. You will need to start all over again. That is precisely what makes it even more challenging. As you move around the game area avoiding the obstacles, you can collect secret coins scattered around the secret locations. As you keep playing, you will really fall in love with geometry dash levels.

Salient Features of geometry Dash Online

Some of the features you would love on geometry Dash Online would be –

  • Levels with varying degree of difficulty. The initial levels are a little easier, while they get tougher as you move up levels.
  • The controls of the game are quite easy to follow. Easy controls like tapping if you are on phone or the Spacebar on PC would make it simpler to play the game.
  • The rhythmic music has the great soothing effect on your game play. In fact, the game scores more accolades for the music that it provides you.
  • The the game offers you a practice mode so that you can practice the moves before actually playing the game.
  • You can create your own levels with ease.

Before we move on, let us check out the simple controls that you can play the game with –

                          Jump – Up Arrow/ Spacebar
                          Multiple Jump – Hold down on UP arrow/ Spacebar
                          Steering Up – Down Arrow
                          Steering Down – Up Arrow

Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Online – How do they differ?

Geometry Dash was originally launched as a mobile game. It was made available for Android and iOS devices. Later on, the game was ported for the PC users as well. The PC Verison of the game was renamed as Geometry Dash Online.

It can be listed among the best action games. The Geometry Dash Online version can be played on any of your favourite browsers with ease. We played it on Chrome and found it offers the best performance. If you want to download it on your Android, you can check our tutorials on how to download Geometry Dash 2.1 APK.

This video should give you a perfect idea about the addictive nature of the game.

The Final Thoughts

Geometry Dash has its own set of advantages. The popularity is evident from the fact that the game has its own Wikipedia page. If you have played the game before on your phone or online, do share your opinions with us. Just give it a try once and we are sure you will fall in love with the rhythm of the music and the addictive gameplay.