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Geometry Dash APK : With the increased number of high configuration smartphone released into the market, the interest of people in playing high-end games in mobile phones also increased. To make benefit of this situation the mobile game developers are trying to deliver the best quality games which can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. The Geometry Dash paid apk is such a game which is found to be enjoyed by a major portion of the Android and iPhone game lovers.

The Geometry Dash file is available to download from the Google Play Store for the Android users and iTunes store for the Apple device users. A version of this game is even available to download for the Windows users as well. There are some amazingly good features in this game that resulted in its popularity among Millions of the users Worldwide. Let us check all these features in detail.

Geometry Dash online

Before going ahead with the downloading of this game, the most important thing that you must be aware is that this is not an easy game. If there is a category of games which can be called by the name “Impossible”, then this game can be included in that group. But that is what makes this game the favorite for a large group of people who likes to accept challenges. The satisfaction of completing a level will be maximum for such games and I recommend you not to miss the chance to enjoy that feeling.

Geometry Dash APK – The Combination of Fun & Music: –

The Geometry Dash APK is designed so carefully that it can satisfy the game lovers and the music lovers at the same time. Yes, what I am saying is the combination of the different levels of this game along with a superb background music. The rhythm of this game is so cool that it can make you love this game and play the levels again which you have already covered. This game falls into the category of a music-themed action game with a very good level of adventure as well. I think it is the usage of a square in this game that made the developers to name this game the “Geometry Dash”. The users are required to navigate this square through an extremely hostile environment. For this, they had to do nothing other than swiping their mobile phone screens. They can thus make the square bounce and fly over and above the obstacles. As the level advances, the obstacles are also found to be getting more and more complicated and tougher.

Geometry Dash OnLine

Even though it looks like a simple game, the difficulty level of the Geometry Dash APK is quite high comparing to most of the similar games. Even if you try to play the game in “easy” mode, you need to do a lot of hard work to pass each level of this game. That is, it what makes it more interesting for most of the users. The same can be confirmed by the reviews of the existing users of this game. Those who are ready to accept to challenges and had the willingness to fight until victory can find this game suitable for them.

Geometry Dash 2.1

The current version of the Geometry Dash 2.1 APK available for download is the v2.100 which is last updated on 18th January 2017. It is also a noticeable feature of this game that the developers try to update this game very frequently which includes the addition of new features. Developed by the RobTop Games, this game currently has levels till 25. But with the release of new versions, this might get increased which has happened with the previous versions also. Coming as a runner type game, the Geometry Dash requires the users to keep on playing the game until he completes the current level or gets terminated. However, most of the times it is observed that the latter happens much frequently than the former.

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Play The Geometry Dash Games/ juegos de geometry dash

I have been playing this game for a fair amount of time now. The most important thing that I noticed about the Geometry Dash game is that the users who want to play this game should possess a very good patience level. A lot of people who were playing this game for the first time ends up with a feeling that the task is almost impossible. The design of this game is so tricky that those who are playing with the utmost concentration can only win the levels of this game. This feature itself is one of the greatest reason behind the success of this game. It has the ability to challenge the users to have a “one more try” to pass each level. The over excitement or overconfidence will not do any good in this case, rather than ending up your life in the game. Another noticeable feature is that once the life is lost, the users are forced to start from the beginning itself. Hope you understood now why I said patience is important in playing the Geometry Dash game. The progress of this game is normally shown in a percentage from 0 to 100. Most of the times you can find yourself difficult to go even above the 50% in most of the levels.

Even though the designers claim to have this game designed for the people starting from the age group of 8, it is found to be quite difficult for the children at that age group to play this game. The main reason for this is the lack of patience in them. However, I don’t have the courage to say that they won’t be able to win the difficult levels of this game as this generation children are found to be more capable than their elders.

Download the Geometry Dash APK/descargar geometry dash

The Geometry Dash is developed not only for the Android users but also for the iPhone users as well. Android users can download this game from the Google Play Store. The paid version of this game is available there which require the users to pay 120 INR to download it. The Play Store shows a total download of more than 1 Million for this game which is extremely high, considering the fact that it is a paid game. The most amazing thing is that the users have given a rating of 4.8 stars to this game which shows how satisfying its performance is.

Geometry Dash APK For iPhone/iOs

The situation is not something different in the case of the iPhones also. Users can download the Geometry Dash APK for the Apple devices from the iTunes store by paying an amount of 160 INR. The satisfied users of this game are seen to be referring this to other Apple users also as it is seen to perform well in all the different Apple devices. Users who want to download and use the game in Windows PC can make use of Android emulators like BlueStacks and enjoy the Geometry Dash in their PCs also. Playing this game on the PCs will be more awesome with the presence of additional graphics and large screen.

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This is the legal way to download the Geometry Dash game to your phone. But don’ think that this is the only option available to get the Geometry Dash APK file. A lot of websites across the internet are providing free download of this game which helps the users to enjoy this excellent game without paying anything. Third part stores like TuTu App is also seen to allow the free downloading of the Geometry Dash APK files. Users can easily download and install the game from those stores as well.Visit here :Geometry Dash 2.0 Free Download.

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Conclusion: –

The mobiles games were initially designed with the intention to entertain the children and youth. But as time passed, the situation has entirely changed and users of all age section are seen to enjoy the games. This also resulted in the release of some excellent games into the market which the users whole heartedly accepted. The Geometry Dash APK file is an addition into the list of best games that can be played in smartphones. Providing support to various platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows etc. it has reached the top of the list within a very short time. Coming as a premium game it can satisfy the users in all the aspects and is seen to be increasing its customer database throughout the World. The combination of music and fun is what makes the Geometry Dash game so popular among the users. The design of the Geometry Dash games with the maximum toughness in each level provide the users with the feeling of facing challenges at the maximum. This game is recommended for those users who likes to spend a fair amount of time in playing games on their smartphones. The Geometry Dash is not intended for those users who wants to play a game in the interval time of five minutes or so. Because each level of this game requires the users to invest much more time than that.